Here at Mercer & Barker we are privelidged to be in a position were we can work with some of the finest young musicians not only in the UK but globally and see their talent go from strength to strength. Over the past couple of years i have seen this young man develop his trombone playing with the Tewit Youth Band and Silver Band.

Malachy Cullen  is developing into one of the UK’s finest young up and coming Bass Trombone players, A year ago i supplied him with an MB1.5BT mouthpiece, he took to it like a duck to water and really enjoys the sound, security centering of notes and comfort it gives him. As a regular visitor to Tewit band i getto hear the glorious sounds that support the trombone section powering through, his solo work through out the Christmas period was mature beyond his years. This young player has a bright future ahead of him in the trombone world.

Malachy Cullen

Bass Trombone

Malachy started playing the trombone at the age of 7, and soon joined the Tewit Youth Junior Band. At the age of 11, he moved to bass trombone and 2 years later progressed to the Tewit Youth Senior Band. Malachy also plays bass trombone with the Tewit Silver band, City of Leeds Youth Orchestra and Yorkshire Youth Brass Band. As a member of Tewit Silver Band he has enjoyed considerable contest success, including appearances at two 2nd Section National Brass Band Finals, and a promotion to the 1st Section in 2024, under the baton of Martin Hall.  In 2023, Malachy was appointed Principal Bass Trombone of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. He has recently been invited to play in the new NYBBGB Ambassador Band, which will perform Gavin Higgins Concerto Grosso with the National Youth Orchestra in Liverpool and London next year. Malachy plays on a Conn 112H Bass Trombone, generously loaned by Tewit Youth Band, and has a Michael Rath R9 Bass Trombone currently being made for him. Malachy uses a MB1.5-BT mouthpiece, which he finds very comfortable to play, and which has broadened his sound considerably.

Malachy Cullen Mercer & Barker Young Ambassador

George Barker


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