Mercer & Barker are please to announce another young ambassador to its ranks, Ernie Wright is a talented Baritone player who hales from the Newhall Band in Derbyshire, I first came across this enthusiastic young man at the Bolsover Contest last year, i remeber him telling me that he had been playing Soprano Cornet, Bb Cornet, trombone and Baritone whist trying to decide which instrument would be his future, around Christmas time Ernie and his dad came to visit me with his baritone, he wanted to try the mouthpieces out as he was having one for christmas. I was so impressed with Ernies enthusiasm for banding and playing his Baritone, his playing skills and what a lovely warm sound for such a young chap. Hes 13 by the way. please see his profile below.

Ernie Wright (Aged 13)Ernie Wright young ambassador GW5-B



Ernie Wright started playing trumpet at the young age of 6, after a couple of years he swapped instruments and began playing the Trombone, having lessons, and playing in the school band.

Ernie then decided to take up the cornet and played 2nd cornet at Newhall band when he was 10 progressing on to the front row. Ernie was used as a soloist within the band playing “Georgia on my mind” as part of their summer program. During 2023 Ernie regularly helped Oddfellows and Rolls Royce Brass bands.

After winning the 4th section national finals playing cornet on the front row with the Newhall Brass Band Ernie decided to make the move to baritone which he now plays sitting first baritone for them a position that he is looking forward to playing in at the up-and-coming 2024 Area contest.

Ernie plays on the GW5-B Baritone Mouthpiece.


Ernie solo 2

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